Obsession: My favorite tshirt 

Obsession: My favorite tshirt 

Ever find something you love and buy it in every color? Well my favorite shirt is kind of like that, except it automatically comes in bulk. The men’s Hanes comfort tee, specifically a gray vneck version, is my mother effing jam! 

This obsession started a few years back when I needed a black shirt for working in the kitchen at my restaurant job. I walked into the local Walmart and veered to the left (for reference my Walmart got remodeled so now this area is non existent but pretend it’s still the same) and there he was…staring at me…calling to me. It was a beautiful pack of 4 men’s tagless tees – 2 gray and 2 black and it’s been straight up love ever since. His 3 siblings have gone missing for various reasons but my lone soldier gray vneck stays strong, despite its stains and my repeated wear. 

Most people’s favorite shirt is because of the color or flattering shape, but not me! I love my men’s Hanes vneck solely for its comfort and ease. Was I just working out? Was I painting the spare bedroom? Did I just wake up and put this on? Was I stuffing my face 5 minutes ago with a Taco Bell quesadilla on the couch? While the answer remains a mystery (most likely the last option) the t-shirt is plain & versatile leaving the possibilities endless and me feeling comfortable all day long. 

Want to see what I’m talking about? Try it out and let me know what you thought! 

Get yours here!

Guess what shirt is making an appearance in this Snapchat? You guessed it! 

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