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The Best Sugar Scrub 

Okay, I won’t lie to you….I am NOT one of those girls who spends an hour after showering lotioning my entire body, that is just not me. Ain’t nobody got time for that! If I’m going on a date or something, sure I’ll send the extra time but everyday? In your dreams. If you’re one of those girls then I give you mad props, I don’t know how you do it you’re lucky that I wash my face twice a day! Let’s get to the real reason for this post, I found the best sugar scrub EVER. Normally I’m just a body wash kind of gal and we’re off to the races but not anymore, this has rocked my world. It’s mixed with shea butter so it’s the perfect amount of gritty without me thinking I’m rubbing my skin with a freaken pumice stone or a handful of sand. It exfoliates and softens at the same time which I love, I’m all about that 2 for 1 life (unless it comes to shampoo & conditioner but that’s another story). The scent subtly lingers which I enjoy right after showering, especially if I’m showering or taking a bath at night since a subtle scents calm me down. Not to mention, this coconut lime scent is a extremely relaxing, makes me think I’m on vacation! Normally this scent would not be my jam, after being awoken in college numerous times by my freshman year roommate (love you Michelle!) spraying coconut lime verbana from Bath & Body Works as she walked out the door I never thought I’d see the day where a coconut lime scent made me happy but holy moly here it is! All I can say is get this damn scrub by Tree Hut! I bought mine at Walmart and there were a variety of other scents if this one doesn’t jingle your bells! (Who says that?!….apparently me now)

Anyways! If you try it let me know what you think!