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Thursdays are for meal planning

Thursdays are for meal planning

(….and yes, I know it’s not Thursday when I’m posting this)

Does anyone else have a weird obsession with planning out their meals for the week? I love a good meal prep session but what I really love is making the meal plan! Thursdays are when the Big Y flyer comes out (and the sneak peek of the Stop & Shop flyer) and so starts my meal planning hour. I follow a healthy amount of food blogs in addition to pinning away on my Pinterest boards so the ideas are always flowing so sometimes I already have ideas in my head and my plan comes together in 10 minutes. Let’s be real here also, I don’t always shop the flyer sales. If I want to make something and the item isn’t on sale well then too bad, it’s happening anyways and I’ll cut my grocery bill somewhere else. I aim to be around $35 a week, which I know may seem super small but I’m just one so don’t be discouraged by that and if I’m buying things outside of my meal plan like staples I’ve run out of then I’ll definitely cross that threshold.

As I sit here and look over to my planner as I type this there is a list of meal ideas to incorporate into my upcoming meal plans, it will take me awhile to get through since I need to be mood for some of these items, especially in the summer time and it’s a heartier item (ex: chili cornbread bake). Do you guys like meal planning? What sites do you look at? The good thing is I only have to plan 2 or 3 items a week since it’s just me, I just eat the same things throughout the week. I do have a hard time planning out my breakfasts though, leave me your go to breakfast ideas in the comments (If there are actually people reading this).


When I’m an adult (says the girl who’s almost 30) I definitely want one of those cutesty pinterest home décor chalkboard meal planning things. The ones that list all the days of the week and you just write in what’s for dinner that day…ahhh the dream. That will have to wait until I’m planning for more than 1!

But I digress…is it Thursday yet? I’m ready to plan my week ahead!

Main image from farmviewmarket.com, just for reference! I’m no photographer so don’t let that gorgeous photo fool you, I google image searched.