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I’m the worst.

You guys! I’m the worst blogger ever and I just started…this is not a good sign! I apologize for being so slow in the posts department but soon I’ll be back to normal and you’ll get sick of me before you know it! Lots going on at work that is just throwing me through a loop, adult life = no fun.

Soon I’ll be gabbing your ear off about my favorite masks, jewelry, clothes, food, and all things I love. I’m taking a trip to Hobby Lobby this weekend (hopefully) so that’s bound to produce some obsession type feels. How does one go into Hobby Lobby and not purchase at least one item? It’s like going to Target and NOT spending $50 and forgetting the one thing you actually went for, damn that dollar spot and in-store Starbucks.

I promise I’ll be back soon with something actually worth reading, unlike this ramble!



My home away from home

My home away from home

You know that feeling you get when you walk into your house at the end of the day? Just that complete sigh of relief? Well I get that the second my plane touches down in Chicago. There is just something about that city that I love so much, maybe it’s the fact that I spent 5 nights there with two of my best friends about three or four years ago now and we were not bored for a single second, I was dying of the most disastrous hangover of my life but I wasn’t bored!

Something about a city where I can walk to a majority of things just makes me so happy. It’s probably why I love Blue Back Square so much, everything you’d want is right there and you just walk to it, that sounds awesome to me….well I don’t ever visit when it’s tremendously cold or snowing so I can see THAT being a downfall because I become more of a hermit in that weather but I digress. This last trip to Chicago did rain a whole crap load but I still had a good time despite the wind & rain.

So let’s talk Chicago food for a second, it’s the damn best. I feel like every restaurant I’ve ever been to has been amazing and this time was zero exception. Mind you, I ate pizza twice and donuts twice so maybe my judgment call on amazing food is different then other peoples. So donuts…in Chicago Stan’s Donuts is a big thing, there is about seven locations and everyone raves about them and yes, they’re good I won’t deny that BUT I found a donut in Chicago that was even more delicious than Stan’s and I ate it first so that made my Stan’s donuts mediocre in comparison. Do Rite Donuts & Chicken has everything I could ever want or need…donuts & chicken sandwiches and good lord they’re both delicious. I had a blackout chocolate donut and the original chicken sandwich. I had zero intentions of eating a chicken sandwich at 9am but there was an article posted on the wall about it being the best chicken sandwich in Chicago so you better believe I was about to try that and thankfully for me they serve all of their menu items all day long. It was the perfect beginning to my weekend vacation and I’m pretty sure I’d eat that combo daily if it wouldn’t make me gain 5 lbs every week. So I HIGHLY recommend you stopping there if you ever are in downtown Chicago, skip Stan’s and scope out Do Rite Donuts & Chicken.


Time to talk pizza. Now everyone has their favorites – Lou Malnati’s, Gino’s East, Pizzeria Uno, Giordano’s, etc. There are so many deep dish pizza places in Chicago all worth trying but my absolute favorite is Pequod’s Pizza! You’ll need to take a cab/uber/lyft there from downtown but it’s worth the $9 ride. The crust at Pequod’s is different than the other deep dish crusts it’s not as buttery so it makes for more of a crunchy crust rather then a doughy flaky crust which I like because it doesn’t make me feel like I’m in a food coma after eating two slices. Also the top of their crust is caramelized cheese, did you people hear me? CARAMELIZED CHEESE CRUST. Need I say more? I didn’t think so.

It’s also worth noting that I ate at Bar Siena which was incredibly awesome. If you’re a fan of Top Chef, Food Network Shows, or a Chef geek like me than you know Fabio, this is one of his restaurants and Christ it was good. We scoped out brunch and I got the pecorino biscuits & gravy and it came with chicken sausage and a fried egg. It got served in a mini cast iron skillet to contain all of that gravy and lord it was good. The guy next to me got the short rib hash that was I was eyeballing and oh my gosh I can’t wait to get that next time. If I wasn’t going to spend the rest of my day walking around I would have got that, not that biscuits & gravy is a much lighter meal let’s be honest. The BomboBar is another place I wanted to check out but the weather hadn’t been cooperating with me. The BomboBar is a window on the outside of Bar Siena that sells Bombos, which are essentially another donut option for me to eat, and what they call hotter chocolates which are basically hot chocolates with crazy rim jobs (keep your minds clean kids) think of like one of those crazy shakes that has a brownie, frosting, whipped cream, and candy attached…it was essentially that but with hot chocolate. With the rain I didn’t want to stop at a window and eat/drink that in the rain so that’s why we went into Bar Siena BUT I was happy to see I could get a “cooler chocolate” which was a similar version but icee and you better believe I got the smores version, isn’t it so cute?


But anyways, I guess I should go back to what I was doing and stop thinking about food…sigh.

If you’re ever looking for Chicago recommendations or a travel partner let me know!

Obsession: My favorite tshirt 

Obsession: My favorite tshirt 

Ever find something you love and buy it in every color? Well my favorite shirt is kind of like that, except it automatically comes in bulk. The men’s Hanes comfort tee, specifically a gray vneck version, is my mother effing jam! 

This obsession started a few years back when I needed a black shirt for working in the kitchen at my restaurant job. I walked into the local Walmart and veered to the left (for reference my Walmart got remodeled so now this area is non existent but pretend it’s still the same) and there he was…staring at me…calling to me. It was a beautiful pack of 4 men’s tagless tees – 2 gray and 2 black and it’s been straight up love ever since. His 3 siblings have gone missing for various reasons but my lone soldier gray vneck stays strong, despite its stains and my repeated wear. 

Most people’s favorite shirt is because of the color or flattering shape, but not me! I love my men’s Hanes vneck solely for its comfort and ease. Was I just working out? Was I painting the spare bedroom? Did I just wake up and put this on? Was I stuffing my face 5 minutes ago with a Taco Bell quesadilla on the couch? While the answer remains a mystery (most likely the last option) the t-shirt is plain & versatile leaving the possibilities endless and me feeling comfortable all day long. 

Want to see what I’m talking about? Try it out and let me know what you thought! 

Get yours here!

Guess what shirt is making an appearance in this Snapchat? You guessed it!